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Last updated: 9 December 2011

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The goal is to gather as much Grandon family history as possible in one place. Primary sources will be included in the future so that verification of the information will be available for everyone.

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List of Grandons in the US, April 2005 from Yahoo! PeopleSearch

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Many have contributed significantly to the information contained on this website. We are still seeking primary source documentation for many details. Major thanks so far go to:

James Berry Grandon - Ezekiel Grandon (1813) Descendants Information

Pamela Nelson - Edward (1744) & Barnet (1724) Grandon Information

James "Bud" Grandon - James Barnett Grandon (1869) Descendants Information

Gail Meeks - Joseph Harvey Babbitt (1808) Descendants Information

Helen Durbin - Edward Grandon (1818) Descendants Information

Freda Grandon Cumpston [via son Russ] - Edward Grandon Family Bible Notes

There are many pieces of information that need to be reviewed, documented and corrected. Our desire is to have all of that be available on this site for verification (and dissemination) purposes. Any adult family pictures older than 1950 would also be a wonderful thing to submit!

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